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For decades, we’ve been saying that the future is in STEM fields. Well, the future is now. Science, Tech, Engineering, and Mathematics are more important and in-demand in terms of job openings than ever before. These jobs typically offer good salaries, great benefits, and with global demand being high, they often make getting a visa to work in another country of your choice easier.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at five great careers for those specializing or looking to pursue a career in software engineering.

  1. Software Engineer

Degree Required: Bachelor’s

Median Salary: $83K

Software is behind much of modern life, and software engineers are behind it. This job includes everything from collaborating with designers to working with programmers and coders. You’ll need to have a keen eye for detail and strong analytical skills. In addition, you’ll need to be a good team player and be able to work with others constructively and effectively. 

  1. Principal Software Engineer

Degree Required: Bachelor’s, Certification

Median Salary: $133K

You often need years of experience and specialized certificates before you reach this stage. As a lead software engineer, you’ll have all the duties listed above, plus the added responsibilities of leadership and mentoring new software engineers.

  1. Programmer Analyst

Degree Required: Bachelor’s

Median salary: $65K

These programming jobs retain the designing and testing side of programmer work while adding mathematical modeling, graph-making, and other work typical of a data analyst. You’ll need to have strong communication skills to communicate your findings to team members.

  1. Application Developer

Degree Required: Bachelor’s

Median Salary: $67K

These are the minds behind the latest apps on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. In order to get to this point, you’ll need to understand the technical and user side of app-making inside and out. You’ll handle every aspect of app making from the idea and design process to working with the tech and graphic design departments to drafting graphs and explaining to the rest of the company what you think the future holds for your app.

  1. Lead Software Development Engineer

Degree Required: Master’s

Median Salary: $106K

These jobs are in the upper echelons of software development, so they require extra training. You’ll manage a team of software engineers and do everything from managing projects to debugging software to developing complex codes. The ability to work directly with content producers as well as keen critical thinking skills are an absolute must.

The world of software engineering is wide open and ripe with opportunities for those with the right education and mindset.