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Most people would agree that we are now in a new age of technology. With advances happening on an almost continual basis, it’s vital for businesses of any industry to maintain relevance by staying current with the latest trends.

There are many online resources that offer reviews and articles about the goings-on in the world of tech. Entrepreneurs should set time aside each day to familiarize themselves with the digital landscape. ARSTechnica is a news site that publishes reviews on hardware and software, as well as articles on science and technology. Another great online source is TechCrunch. Aside from all of the great articles regarding tech leaders and their next steps, this website staffs a first-rate reporting team that researches everything related to the tech industry. VentureBeat is another website that focuses on the tech industry. publishes news, analysis, long-form features, interviews, and videos.

Aside from self-learning, which is always a great technique for expanding your horizons, it also helps to broaden your social networking circle as much as possible. It’s important to set up profiles on densely populated social media sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn, and then routinely visit them to generate activity and form relationships. This can be accomplished by publishing your own articles, following people in your areas of interest, liking articles, retweeting interesting links, and commenting on posts you find interesting. People will, in turn, reciprocate by following you and liking your articles. Make use of analytics to see trends in user demographics so you can change course accordingly if need be.

Speaking of having an online presence, it’s crucial to establish your brand and your goals for your company and then translate them into the virtual representation of your business. There should be continuity across the board whenever people come into contact with your product or service. If you have more than one branch of an office, make sure everyone is on the same level of technology and has the same level of training. 

It used to be that TV and radio ads were the primary way to get people to notice your company. Nowadays, original content creation posted to sites such as Vimeo and YouTube is a free and easy alternative. 

And then we have next-level tech like lead generation. This is AI-driven marketing and is a great way to generate ongoing interest in your product or service. A great example of this is Netflix, which fine-tunes recommendations based on each customer’s viewing preferences and history.