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Whether you’re trying to get a report done, conduct a Skype call with interview candidates or colleagues, watch Netflix, browse social media, or do any number of tasks we do daily, chances are you’ll need your laptop, tablet, or similar device to do it.

As such, when our laptops run into trouble, it can disrupt our entire day. That’s why you’ll want to do a bit of self-diagnosis and use this guide to sort out some of the most common laptop problems.

  1. Fan Is Running Too Loud and Overheating

You’re sitting there, minding your own business, when suddenly the fan on your laptop starts to go into overdrive. Normally, laptop fans are relatively quiet, but yours now sounds like a vacuum cleaner. To make matters worse, your computer is starting to get quite hot. What’s going on?

While there are many potential causes for this style of issue, one common cause is the parts in your laptop shifting around and blocking a fan or otherwise causing it to overheat or work harder, which is why it’s running louder. Dust can also get into your computer and block up vents, causing the heat and noise. In the former case, try to avoid shaking your laptop too much, as doing so might shake something loose. In the latter case, try taking an air blaster and gently spraying your laptop’s vents and speakers.

  1. Battery Woes

What about if your battery is dying on you?

First things first – as obvious as it may seem, check and make sure your laptop is plugged in. After that, check the charger and wire for any sign of fraying. If you find any, discard the cord immediately, as it isn’t safe or effective to use, and get a replacement. If that fails, try letting your laptop drain down all the way and then recharging it.

  1. Slow Laptop

Given how fast modern laptops are, even a slight slowdown can feel like a frustrating eternity. Troubleshooting tips here range from having fewer tabs open to performing software updates to cleaning out unneeded programs and potential malware.

For as annoying as laptop woes may be, in many cases, all you need is a little patience and know-how to sort things out.